Pritchett Canyon is becoming more difficult every year, and is now to the point where the average, well equiped trail rig may have great difficulty in completing the trail. Vehicles with large amounts of lift will find the trail especially harrowing, as the many off camber spots will induce body roll and severly test a driver's nerve. Rollovers and broken parts are very common, and there are no easy bypasses. We have found that the majority of rigs will require a winch or strap on at least a couple of the obstacles.

If you can take your eyes off the obstacles long enough, you'll find a splendidly beautiful narrow canyon. The trail climbs the lower part of the canyon and exits via a side canyon over a divide into the Hunter Canyon system. Depending upon how long it has taken to get to this point, your leader then will chose among several routes to head back to the highway.


Pritchett Canyon was named a B.F. Goodrich Outstanding Trail in 2008, and is noted for its spectacular scenery as well as the hard core challenges. Due to its popularity and difficulty, the trail has seen more than its fair share of damage over the years. Many hours are spent performing maintenance every year, but the thoughtless actions of some users that create significant abuse adds to this maintenance burden. Help us keep this trail open by staying on the trail, and never create new bypasses or obstacles.

While in the canyon, the views are of the steep canyon walls, large side-canyon pour-offs, and a pool-speckled creek bottom. Pritchett Arch, Window Arch, and some smaller spans are visible from the trail.

The trail follows the bouldery creek bottom at first but then climbs onto ledge routes on a mixture of rock layers and dirt. The major obstacles are several forms of bedrock now exposed after erosion of the early roadway.

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