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The Pacific Northwest Trail Tee's Story

Forty years ago, conservationist Ron Strickland had a dream of connecting the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Ocean. The Pacific Northwest Trail would allow a hiker to make his/her way, like water, from the top of the Continental Divide all the way to the sea. Unlike other famed long-hiking trails, the PNT wouldn't just follow the backbone of a range of mountains—instead, it would cut a cross section through the varied topography and ecosystems of a whole region.

The Pacific Northwest Trail is considered to be one of the most challenging trails in the National Scenic Trail system. The trail is growing in popularity due to its outstanding scenic qualities and challenging terrain, with an increasing number of hikers every year.


A Challenging Test of a Trail

The Pacific Northwest Trail is a 1200-mile hiking trail that runs from the Continental Divide in Montana through the northern panhandle of Idaho to the Pacific Coast of Washington's Olympic Peninsula. Along with crossing through 7 National Forests & 3 Natinoal Parks, this legendary trail also traverses several mountain ranges, from the Rocky & Selkirk Mountains to the Northern Cascade & Olympic Mountains. This beast of a trail tests all of your hiking abilites.

Hiking the entire 1,200 miles of the PNT is not as easy as conquering more established long-distance trails—one section requires bushwhacking, encounters with grizzlies are possible, and there are few fellow thru-hikers. But those difficulties are what make the PNT so enticing.


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