The Ocoee River is a whitewater legend,  below is our Ocoee River Collection, featuring our 100% organic cotton short sleeve & long sleeve tees!  We also offer an attractive cap that is screen printed and embroidered.  Our heavy duty vinyl stickers are perfect for placing inside or outside.  We also offer bundle pricing on your favorite Ocoee River Gear!

If you have paddled the Ocoee, drop us a line- we love to hear from "legend" paddlers!


The Upper Ocoee played host to kayakers around the world for the 1996 Olympics. The Olympics may be long gone but the rapids remain and so do the thrills.

From the put-in, you will float downstream through a sublime wilderness setting with scenic mountain vistas and easy warm-up rapids. As you get comfortable with the challenges of whitewater rafting, the anticipation begins to build for the longer more powerful rapids lurking downstream.

An angry roar from up ahead soon draws your attention from the scenery as you approach the first big drop, a maelstrom named "Mikey" for its appetite (it really will eat anything). Paddle hard for those who survive the giant pour-over at "Mikey" immediately find themselves battling the continuous waves and large (unavoidable) hydraulics of the "Blue Hole" rapid.

After a few moments to catch your breathe, you will find yourself hurtling down the most distinctive rapids in the Eastern U.S., the 1800 foot long Olympic course that continues to challenge the world's best paddlers. 35 million dollars were spent prior to the '96 games to engineer this steep stretch of riverbed into a veritable whitewater heaven, where rapids like "Smiley Face," "Slam Dunk" and "Humongous" simply blend together into one unforgettable roller-coaster ride.

Haven't had enough yet? Well the Upper Ocoee saves its best for last. Just downstream from the Olympic Course, you will face "Hungry Mother," the largest rapid on the entire Ocoee River. If "Mikey" didn't eat you already, be very wary around his mother! She packs one serious punch for a grand finale you will never forget!

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