We offer great tees and products on some of the most Iconic Hiking Trails in America.

Browse through our list and check out our designs.  We have actually hiked on these iconic trails, and are proud to offer these tees.  Printed on eco-friendly organic cotton, grown here

in the USA, you will not find a softer or more comfortable shirt.  If you have hiked a trail that you think deserves recognition in our collection, drop us a line and tell us about it.  We are always looking to add designs.

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Probably the most iconic hike in the USA, 2184 mile from Springer Mountain, Georgia to Mt Katadhin, Maine.  The AT trail winds it's way through 14 states, it takes most Thru hikers approximately 2 months to complete the trail.

Be sure to check out our Appalachian Trail products.  If you've hiked it, drop us a note, we would live to hear from you.



This gem of a trail is considered by many to be the toughest trail in the east.  Through this 14 mile hike you will summit 10 peaks over 6000 feet.  This ridge line hike offers the hiker stunning scenic views.  The trail ends with tallest peak east of the Mississippi River at an elevation of 6683 feet.

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The Lost Coast Trail stretches 25 miles through the King Range National Conservation Area, from Mattole Beach in the north to the village of Shelter Cove in the south. The trail is fairly flat (there are a few hills to climb) but the terrain is challenging. You go from hiking on coarse black sand to pebbly beaches; from slippery, wave-smoothed stones the size of bowling balls to the blessed solid ground of the flats. 

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The Mountains-to-Sea Trail is a simple footpath stretching almost 1,200 miles across North Carolina from Clingmans Dome in the Great Smoky Mountains to Jockey’s Ridge on the Outer Banks.  Experience ancient mountains and small Piedmont farms, coastal swamps and colonial towns, changing textile villages and barrier islands. With temporary routes on backroads and bicycle paths, hikers can now follow the trail on an adventure across North Carolina.

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The Mt Whitney Trail is a well maintained 11 mile foot path to the summit of Mt Whitney. The trail begins at 8,360 Ft, and ends at the 14,508 Ft summit of Mt Whitney. This places the total elevation gain at 6,137 Ft. I would rate Mt Whitney as the third easiest of the fifteen California peaks (that soar above fourteen thousand feet) behind White Mountain and Mount Langley. The Whitney region includes the Sierra crest from Shepherd Pass to Cottonwood Pass. 

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The Pacific Crest Trail extends for a whopping 2,650 miles from Mexico to Canada, forging an unbroken footpath through three states—California, Oregon, and Washington. It crosses over deserts and tunnels through forests, travels across glaciated mountain passes, and skirts the shoulders of conical volcanic peaks. To hike the entire trail takes about five months—if all goes well—walking an average of 16 to 18 miles per day.

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