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The New Gauley River Tee's Story

The Gauley River in West Virginia is recognized by paddlers as one of the top ranked rivers in the world. Its technical rapids, inaccessibility and scenic quality contribute to its world class designation. Dropping more than 650 feet in 24 miles, the Gauley River features over 100 rapids. Two distinct 12-mile sections offer their own personality and flair. The Gauley River is a dam-controlled watershed and the scheduled fall release dates ensure optimum flows for rafting. 

The Gauley River is a 105-mile advanced whitewater river in West Virginia. A feature of the Gauley River National Recreation Area, this river is run year-round by boaters & rafters. There are 2 commonly run sections of the river - the Upper Gauley & Lower Gauley. The 9.8-mile Upper Gauley features more difficult Class IV-V rapids, while the 11-mile Lower Gauley features slightly less extreme, but still dramatic Class III-IV & V rapids.

The most popular whitewater river in the Eastern USA, this is a must-run for rafters!


The most popular whitewater river in the Eastern USA

Upper Gauley River

Set against a backdrop of towering cliffs and steep slopes of brilliant fall foliage, the Upper Gauley River is a high impact adventure recommended for only serious whitewater enthusiasts. It is ranked as one of the most uniquely challenging single day whitewater runs in the world and certainly in the United States. It is also the most extreme trip we offer.

On this trip you’ll encounter tight,technical rapids that demand precise maneuvering, skill and attention. and navigate through steep drops, narrow chutes, rocky ledges and crashing whitewater. Major rapids like Pillow Rock, Insignificant, Iron Ring, and Sweet’s Falls test your teamwork and keep the adrenaline pumping. The experience is intense with nonstop action from start to finish.

Lower Gauley

This whitewater trip feels like a watery roller coaster ride—a favorite among many paddlers. It is set in a pristine wilderness which allows you to marvel at the rugged canyon walls and grandeur between rapids, numbering over 35, with colorful names like Pure Screaming Hell, Canyon Doors, Koontz Flume, and Heaven Help Us.

The Lower Gauley is characterized by big whitewater, invigorating rapids and breathtaking scenery. this adventure is well suited for enthusiastic first time rafters and is often the next step after rafting the Lower New River. The Lower Gauley is also the perfect prelude to the intense Upper Gauley.



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