The Mount Whitney Trail is an incredible experience, at 14,500 feet it is the tallest

"hike-able" peak in the country.  At 22 miles, this hike can be done in one long day, or split into two days.  Remarkable scenery and a true accomplishment completing this hike.  Check out our Mount Whitney Trail gear, including 100% organic cotton short & long sleeve tees! We also offer an attractive cap that is screen printed and embroidered.  Our heavy duty vinyl stickers are perfect for placing inside or outside.  We also offer bundle pricing on your favorite Mount Whitney Trail.  If you have hiked on the Mount Whitney Trail, drop us a line- we love to hear from "legend" hikers!


The Mt Whitney hike is on every hiker’s bucket list. At 14,505 feet, it’s the highest point in the lower 48 and is one of those rare high peaks that you can hike to without any mountaineering skills.

Most people tackle Mt Whitney as a 22 mile round-trip day hike. It sounds long but is very doable with the proper training. Your chances for getting a permit on the day hike are also generally the best. There’s also a great sense of accomplishment in hiking Mt Whitney in a day. It’ll take you somewhere between 12-16 hours, and you’ll probably leave before dawn.


You don’t have to tackle all 22 miles of the Mount Whitney Trail in one day; you can also do the hike over two (or more) days and camp on the trail. There are pros and cons to camping. Big on the pro side is that you can split the hike up into smaller chunks, you can acclimatize, and get a beautiful night under the stars. On the con side, permits are tougher to get, and you have to haul a much heavier pack up the mountain.

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