The Lost Coast Trail is a California coastal hike that goes from beaches to high cliffs above the beach.   The 25 mile trail traverses some of the most pristine coastline in California.  Check out our Lost Coast Trail gear, including 100% organic cotton short & long sleeve tees! We also offer an attractive cap that is screen printed and embroidered.  Our heavy duty vinyl stickers are perfect for placing inside or outside.  We also offer bundle pricing on your favorite Lost Coast Trail .  If you have hiked on the Lost Coast Trail, drop us a line- we love to hear from "legend" hikers!


The Lost Coast is a stretch of California coastline so rugged that roads have not conquered it. The remoteness is a rare respite from the rest of the state. There are no mansions tucked along hillsides or congested lines of traffic winding along the cliffs. Here crumbling gashes of the King Range tower from the sea, blocking the way of everyone not on foot.

Between the cliffs and the sea, the Lost Coast Trail passes along the narrow band of tortured beach. It is the domain of the hiker, a desolate and severe landscape draped by a pristine ecosystem. The path leads from hidden beaches to expansive vistas at dizzying heights above the surf. Apart from sea lions and the occasional troop of Scouts, hikers discover pure solitude. The Lost Coast Trail is one of the finest beach backpacking trips found in the United States, and it has steadily grown in fame and popularity over the years.

Often the trail is no more than a foreboding band of beach that vanishes into an oblivion of marine fog. Twice per day, there is no Lost Coast Trail. Stretches of the route vanish under the high tide, replaced by surf pounding against the cliffs.

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