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The Tuolumne River Tee's Story

Formed in Yosemite National Park, the Tuolumne River is a 149-mile river that travels from the Sierra Nevada Mountains to the San Joaquin River in central California. Regarded as some of the best whitewater rafting in California, rafting enthusiasts enjoy a slalom-filled 18-mile run through the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas. The thrilling whitewaters in combination with the exquisite scenery make this a legendary must-do whitewater river.

There’s a lot of whitewater on the Tuolumne, a whole lot. Over 40 named rapids in 18 miles and probably another 40 that would have names if they were anywhere else. In the early part of the season the rapids are big and fast and cold; we wear wetsuits and paddle furiously. Later in the summer, the rapids are tricky and frequent and the water is a bit warmer (and the air is hot); we wear sunscreen and laugh a lot. But there’s more than whitewater on the Tuolumne, a lot more. There are side streams with dreamy swimming holes - idyllic places with cool water to swim in, pebble beaches to bask on, waterfalls to swim behind and rocks to jump from, the kind of places you see in movies or read about in romantic novels. And we often get to camp near them so an afternoon hike is often as memorable as the rapids. The three day trips are almost too relaxing, perfect for those who need a break from pavement and schedules; the two day trips are well-paced, perfect for those who want two full days and one spectacular night; the one day trips are a bit rushed, perfect for those who have places to go and things to do. And the river is just outside Yosemite National Park, perfect for everyone.


Steep, technical rapids characterize the Tuolumne. The action starts immediately as you discover seemingly non-existent passageways through rock-strewn corridors like Rock Garden and Nemesis. Rapids comprised of tight chutes, tall drops and immense boulders follow until we reach the highlight of the trip– Class IV + Clavey Falls. The middle section of the river mellows, allowing time for reflection before entering the final challenging miles. You'll forge a strong team with your fellow paddlers–and have an incredible time testing your skills on this river.

Whether you are young in years or just in heart, the Tuolumne canyon will uncover your inner adventurer. A National Wild and Scenic River, the Tuolumne's deep canyon, pristine side streams, and crystal-clear water inspire awe and gratitude. You'll want to enjoy the cooling swimming holes and waterfalls found in beautiful tributary streams, take advantage of every relaxing beach, and explore the many intricacies of this impressive wilderness area.
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