The Legend-Tees Story

This is “Our Story” as to the creation of LEGEND-TEES.  This concept of a custom T-shirt business had been percolating inside of me for many years. To us, T-shirts are as American as you can get, a true form of self-expression.


The entire LEGEND team shares a love for the outdoors. An avid hiker, off-road enthusiast, road dog and river runner, the great outdoors always meant adventure. I cant tell you how many times that I would go hiking, and couldn’t find a cool t-shirt to buy to commemorate the trip. I could find a few cheesy ones, but no-luck for a decent designed shirt!


Once we decided to move forward with the business, we wanted a T-shirt company with a different “spin” than other T-Shirt companies. We wanted a web-site different from the industry standard, we want to educate, inform and share these legendary places with our audience. 


Well, we started LEGEND-Tees, LLC. and we are cranking out some pretty cool shirts.  Our “LEGEND SERIES” T-Shirts feature designs that are tailored to Iconic and Legendary subjects such as “Iconic Roads”,  “Legendary Hiking Trails”, “Iconic Off-Road Trails”,  “Great Whitewater Rivers”. We also offer the “Paradise Series"  and CUSTOM Tees. 

Find Your Legend And Chase It


Legend Tees is based in the western North Carolina area and in Coastal North Carolina. We work on state of the art equipment, including high volume screen printing.  We have the ability to produce high volume quantities or single, one-off custom shirts. We are committed to customer service, we strive to ensure your order is accurate, on time and meets the highest levels of quality every time. 


Know of a “LEGEND” drop us a line, let us know the story, and it just might make it onto a T-shirt.

Legend |ˈlejənd|Noun

  1. a traditional story sometimes popularly regarded as historical but unauthenticated.

  2. an extremely famous or notorious person, esp. in a particular field.

  3. an inscription, esp. on a coin or medal.

  4. historical the story of a saint's life.

Legend-Tees, LLC  37 Loop Road, Arden, NC  28704    828 483-7582    

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