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The Rose Garden Hill Trail Tee's Story

Rose Garden Hill is the single obstacle on this trail and it gives the trail its name. It is a long, rocky and challenging hill that will turn away many stock 4x4 vehicles. 

The trail starts from the Onion Creek trail at the sign for the Kokopelli Trail. This popular and very long trail also shares most of the Rose Garden Hill trail, so you will often find bicycles on the trail. The Top of the World trail also connects to Rose Garden Hill near the other end. 

It starts off as a fairly mellow trail, though it is slightly more rocky than the Onion Creek trail from the very start. You wind your way through the trees and soon you come to a rocky shelf that you drop down as you start your descent into Cottonwood Canyon. At this point you can look across the canyon to see Rose Garden Hill.

The roughest part of the hill is at the top, but it starts off rocky at the bottom. Most of the big rocks at the bottom are avoidable.

When you get close to the top there are ledges and rocky sections that you must work your way through, with a ledge at the very top. You may have some clearance issues if you have a stock vehicle.

Once past the hill the trail is fairly mellow again, with a narrow area that has a ledge that must be crossed. There are some brief sections of shelf road, as well.  Rose Garden Hill is a 29.4 mile out and back trail located near Moab


Rose Garden Hill is the only real obstacle on this trip. There can be a couple challenging spots along the way to the hill if the winter was wet or if local rains have washed out sections of the trail. Rose Garden Hill itself has been getting worse every year, these days it is possible to high center a rig in several areas coming down the hill, so imagine what ascending these spots is like!

The road up Onion Creek offers scenery that seems straight out of a Disney theme park. The passenger is usually the beneficiary of this, however, as the driver is usually busy watching for oncoming traffic on the twisty road. The Top of the World overlook is directly above at one point. Fisher Valley offers a panoramic view of the LaSal Mountains, Fisher Mesa, North and South Beaver Mesas, Polar Mesa, Sevenmile Mesa, and Waring Mesa. The trail itself offers beautiful scenery in Cottonwood Canyon as it twists along the approach to Rose Garden, and then views down into Cottonwood once atop the hill itself.


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